For authentic images that show the real you. 

I get so excited when I meet people who are so beautifully themselves, they know who they are and they own it.  

If you love to go against the grain and do things your own way, can I just give you the biggest hug and say YES! 

This is your day and it should be all about you, how you want it to flow and what happens should feel 100% right to you and

your favourite human and that is all that matters!


If you want a ceremony at 8am or a weekend festival or pancakes for your wedding cake I BACK IT. 

I love to capture the essence of the day as it is naturally unfolding. Wherever possible I will avoid any posing like the plague and much prefer to spend the time with you hanging out like your new buddy that just happens to be holding a camera.

If you have any questions drop me a line, I'm always happy to chat!

say hi!

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